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I love this time of year. I love how stores are packed with children searching for the perfect backpack. I love seeing all the notebooks stacked in huge piles, pencils waiting to be sharpened, and yeah, even seeing those hideous plastic pencil boxes with the raised bump on top.

Yeah, back to school is the best time of the year.

Since I don’t have any kids of my own, I have to live vicariously through others. Like, my nieces, for example. They’re all going back to school today. Lucky ducks.

I decided to make them a little back to school gift. Enter, lotions.

To make this extra cheesy gift, all you need is some Mod Podge, lotion, an a printout of the saying “We hope your new school year goes smoothly”. Once all of the supplies are rounded up, it’s smooth sailing from there. There are only three steps, from start to finish. Just how I like it

Step one: peel off existing label. You may have to use something like Goo Gone to get the extra off (I used nail polish remover, it worked)
Step two: paint a thin layer of Mod Podge onto your lotion bottle. Make sure not to use too much, just enough so that the paper will stick on. Wait a few minutes before going to step three.
Step three: paint a thin layer of Mod Podge onto the top of the paper and let dry, and that’s it!

I’m in love with them. Maybe that explains why I took about 80 photos of this project for the blog. Don’t worry, I condensed them…A little.

For added glee…Check out how great this Mod Podge dried! It’s called Mod Podge Satin. I am in love with it. In fact, I’ll be reviewing it tomorrow on this here blog. There WILL be a giveaway accompanying it… See you then?

Oh, and here are the little papers I made in Photoshop. Feel free to steal them, or make some of your own! For a Bath and Body Works lotion bottle, I’ve found that 152×217 are the perfect dimensions.

*photoshop brushes found here. fonts found here.

Thanks for reading! See you tomorrow.


  1. says

    This is such a great idea. Do you think it will work with the Matte Mod Podge just as well? I have a few coworkers I’d like to give a beginning of the year gift to and this seems like a great and inexpensive project.

  2. says

    I work at BBW and we are always getting the sample sized lotions when new scents come out. This will be a great idea to use up some of my stash!!!

  3. says

    Those are so cute! I don’t have any kids to do back to school gifts for, but I’m definitely going to be using this idea for other holidays. In fact, these would be cute as bridesmaids gifts for my friend’s upcoming wedding…

  4. says

    These are AMAZING! So cute and simple, but really REALLY original. I love them. (and I want MY school year to go smoothly too….should I make MYSELF one??)

  5. says

    Super cute idea! Our kids are moving to a new school this year, wouldn’t this be a great gift to give to their friends they are leaving behind! Can’t wait to show them!! thanks :)

  6. Anonymous says

    As a veteran teacher, I would LOVE to receive this!
    So…. I am making these for my kids’ teachers today!

  7. says

    Wonderful! Pinning the idea for next year. Maybe I can come up with a cool idea to turn the Bath and Bodyworks sale lotions from this summer into a nearly as cute Christmas gift!

  8. Anonymous says

    Just found your blog from your CSI special! And while I love this project, I LOVE the name of your blog. I literally laughed out loud!!!!!!!!!!! So funny!

  9. says

    I wanted to mention how kind it is for you to share the labels with us readers. I do not have access to a lot of crafting supplies out there or can spend the money. But what I do have is a BB&W outlet near by, Micheal’s coupons every once in a while and a printer. Thank you for the ideas.

  10. Anonymous says

    these are so cute and fun and I’d love to use them. but I can’t find a download button or option? I can copy and paste but then they don’t come out clearly. btw, I did a test and printed them on sticker paper and used a corner punch to round the edges and it turned out great. just need a link so they look good too. thanks so much in advance!


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