Husband Crafts – No Sew Pocket

For weeks, my husband has been talking about adding pockets to t-shirts. I tried to explain to the poor guy that I really don’t know how to sew, but he insisted it wasn’t that he would do it all on his own–Without sewing. That’s right! My husband made a no sew pocket. Be jealous.

no sew pocket shirt2

Really, you guys. He went to the fabric store and picked out the manliest of prints (clearly, this particular fabric store didn’t have many manly prints to pick from), grabbed some cheap-o shirts, and got to work on his no sew pocket for a tee shirt.

I tried to not be a freak and breathe over him as he made his pattern, but people. I was the epitome of annoying wife. I watched over his shoulder and said things like “are you sure that pocket isn’t going to look huge on your shirt?” and, “why would you cut the middle out like that? This is seriously stressing me out!”

no sew pocket pattern

Calmly, he held the pocket up to his shirt, and by golly! It was the perfect size. Then, he explained that he cut out the middle of the pocket so he’d be able to see the fabric underneath and make sure the fabric placement looked alright.
YOU GUYS! My husband is a genius!

From then on, I kept all my little comments to myself and only stood a little too close to him (as opposed to breathing in his ear).

heat n bond pocket

ironing pocket on

I pretty much beamed with pride as we took out my heat n bond and got to work ironing the pocket into perfect shape.

nosew pocket

Are these not the cutest shirts you ever laid your eyes on? I’m obsessed.


no sew pocket finished

I’m also obsessed with the fact that he came up with this craft 100% by himself, and then executed the entire thing. Pretty much, I told him he’s  now expected to contribute to the blog regularly. I’m excited to see what other things he comes up with!


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