The power of spray paint

I’m a member of a vintage yard sale group on Facebook and pretty much every post has me swooning over beautiful items.

Usually, I’m not fast enough to snatch up the things in my price range, but last week all the stars aligned and I was able to score this beautiful vintage tea cart. Similar carts sell for about $100 on ebay, so I was pretty excited to score this bad boy for just $25.

Unfortunately, once I had it in my possession I realized that the gold paint was in horrible condition. I toyed with the thought of just repainting it gold–But, thought I’d go a little outside my comfort zone and go yellow.

I am so glad I took the risk! I am loving this before and after shot.

before and after spray paint

Isn’t the yellow just so much more fun? I love the life that the piece brings into the room.

Plus, my chatbooks (instagram books) look all lined up on it.

spray painted tea cart

Basically, I’m pretty much in awe at what spray paint can do to change a piece.

vintage tea cart painted

Have you ever spray painted something and felt like it made your piece a billion times better? Leave me a link in the comments. I’d love to see it!

Thanks for reading.


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