Isis Mobile Wallet – Review

A few weeks ago I was contacted by M80 to do write a blog post on behalf of AT&T and Isis Mobile Wallet. Of course, I jumped right on the opportunity! I had been seeing commercials for Isis Mobile Wallet for weeks, and was eager to try it out.

The day I went and got my phone (a Samsung Galaxy SIII… The Isis Mobile Wallet app only works on Androids, for now) I was super excited. Not only did I get to try out a new phone, but I got to go shopping! It was a win win, for sure.

The set up was fairly simple, thanks to the wonderful workers at my local AT&T store. They helped me load my prepaid card onto the app (you can also add credit cards! If you happen to lose your phone, you can simply contact AT&T and they will freeze all use of your Isis cards–While still allowing you to use your physical card).

I have absolutely loved using my Isis Mobile Wallet! It’s so much fun to leave my real wallet at home and just use my phone to pay for everything.

Just look at that look on my face. I was clearly excited, right?

I just wish more stores were equipped for use… Because it was kind of a hassel to only shop at stores that were Isis ready.

Disclaimer: I was given a Samsung Galaxy SIII mobile phone and $100 on a pre-paid giftcard to spend using Isis Mobile Wallet in exchange for this review. All opinions are mine.

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