Liddie Mae Etsy Shop

Trying to figure out what I wanted Eloise to wear to her party was one of the hardest choices of the whole shebang. What she wore was going to set the whole stage for the color theme of her party.

All through planning, I had images of vintage-y colors running through my mind. I pictured using old book pages for decor blah blah blah.

But then. THEN! I saw this cute little skirt by Liddie Mae and pretty much fell in love with everything about it (from the chevron to the bright colors).

I immediately messaged Sarah (the cute shop owner) about how much I loved that skirt. From there, she came up with the brilliant idea to make El a dress using the same fabrics. Seriously, this girl was an answer to my prayers! I was dreading finding a shirt that would match the cuteness of the skirt.

I couldn’t have been more happy with how it turned out!
My girl looked so perfect in it, and I loved that it gave me the courage to go bright with the party.

Check out Liddie Mae, I am serious. She has the best well…Everything! From boy’s ties, to dresses, headbands, and even cute pennant banners!


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