Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Large Coffee Filter Number

With my daughter's first birthday party looming (t-minus 4 days!), I have gone into total party crafting mode. It's been insane around here!

Last night, I decided to attempt making a large coffee filter number like the one I saw on Lowe's Creative Ideas. As always, though...I am awful at following directions.

So, here's my version of the coffee filter number:
(sorry in advance for the awful picture coloring. It was like 9 pm, and pictures just weren't working out so hot.)

1. Free hand your number using a Sharpie (or a dry erase marker, if you can never find anything you need at your house) onto a piece of cardboard.
2. Start cutting that bad boy out. I found that some parts were easier to cut out with scissors, while others were easier to cut out using an exacto knife.

3. After your number is all cut out, gather your glue gun and a bunch of coffee filters.
4. Taking two coffee filters at a time (no more than two, or it'll be all gross and stiff), crumple them into a fluffy shape like the one above.

4. (but a different 4 than the one above, I just can't count, alright?) Start gluing those filters on.
5. Keep gluing.
6. ...And gluing.

At this point, you should be finished. But of course, I ran out of coffee filters. LUCKILY, I have lots and lots of craft fails that used coffee filters, so I was able to take some off of there to finish the project. PHEW!!

Of course, I couldn't just leave it white (the party is colorful, after all)...So, I took some watercolors and painted the edges of the filters to add a little pop.

And that's it. All done!

(again, sorry for the bad pictures!)


  1. The final product looks like funfetti cake! Now I'm hungry!

    Great job- it came out great.

  2. Very cute! I love how you added the color to it.

  3. Oh my, you are "LOL" funny! I love your "#4, but a different 4". Thank you for the excellent tutorial :-)

  4. Oh my, you are "LOL" funny!! Thank you for the excellent tutorial!


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