Homemade Wubbanub

Sorry about all my baby crafts lately. I just can’t help myself. 

Anyway, have you seen those Wubbanubs that they sell for babies? Basically, it’s just a stuffed animal sewn to a binky and sold for $16. I used to think they were the most ridiculous thing in the entire world. Like, it blew my mind that people actually bought them (no offense to you Wubbanub lovas. I have since converted).

Then, I bought my cutie girl a stuffed animal caterpillar at the dollar store. She was eyeing it like crazy, and I couldn’t say no (I know, I know. I need to get that under control by the time she actually REALLY wants something! I’m in trouble)…So, we snatched it up and it has been her favorite toy ever since.

She cuddles that thing all the time when she’s awake. She talks to it, chews on it, and even laughs hysterically at it. I also noticed that she would bring it close to her face and cuddle it while sucking on a binky. I think that cuddling while sucking really helps her feel safe. It’s adorable.

So anyway, now that I’ve told you (almost) our whole life story–I’ll let you know that I decided to sew that little caterpillar to one of her binkies. Best decision I’ve ever made. It seriously took me three minutes, tops to finish this. And, she loves it so much. Perfect!


**Don’t worry all you safety police out there (I’m a member of that club!), she never sleeps with this and I am always keeping a close eye on her whenever caterpillar man is around.


  1. says

    I’ve never heard of these before, they’re adorable! They are ridiculously expensive, so I’m glad my childbearing days are past. I think it’s a sad state of affairs that you felt the need to add the “I’m being careful” disclaimer though. I get very upset at the “mom police” making sometimes very rude and judgemental comments about how others choose to parent their children. If we were all putting them under a microscope, I wonder just how perfect their parenting would be? Thanks for letting me vent!

  2. Anonymous says

    I had NEVER seen one of those until a couple weeks ago at church. smart girl! 16 is way too much money. Loving your blog and your constant posts! :)


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    Awesome! We use Wubbanubs with our 2nd baby and they’re wonderful! I thought they were ridiculous too … until we were getting up 30 times a night to put the paci back in her mouth! She’s 9 months old now and can put it in and out, and WILL NOT sleep without one.

    How did you make it??

  4. says

    I know this was writing quite some time ago- but if you can, I’d go back to the store about buy a few more of the caterpillars! From personal experience, when they love something that much, get extra! for me it was a teddy bear…it got tossed out the window on the freeway and it took 3 horrible weeks to replace….It would have been nice to have a new one at home and would have saved many sleepless nights.

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