Mirasol Farms

Today I just wanted to give a quick shout out to one of my new favorite Etsy shops, Mirasol Farms.

You guys, their products are amazing.
I mentioned how much I loved their Postpartum Herbal Tea Bath in a previous post… But, they have so much more to offer.

Like, take these products for instance!

Tangerine Noreli Organic Belly Butter

This stuff feels awesome! They sent me a little sample with my order and I fell in love.
I’ve been dealing with pregnancy rash (PUPPP) and seriously, this stuff took the itching away. I was pretty amazed.

Rosemary Mint Lotion

I haven’t tried this yet, but it is completely vegan and sounds like it would feel (and smell!) so great.

Lemon Ice Organic Lip Balm

I’m a sucker for lip balm and lemon. So, I’m pretty sure I could become addicted to this, and quick!

Most of Mirasol Farms are organic and they grow many of their herbs on their small farm in Western Wisconsin.

Aside from that, Mirasol Farms also does great things for the community. Their Organic Mama line is actually an online fundraiser for a community group that provides doula and prenatal support services for women who are in prison. Isn’t that amazing? Learn more about the organization here.

Seriously, go check out their shop! You won’t be disappointed in the quality of their products, or the speed of their delivery!


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    A friend in WI sent me some of their items, their calendula cream and lemon chamomile soap are great & I like their lip balms too. They do farmer’s markets in the summer, if I lived in WI I’d be sampling all their goodies.

    jean, soap-nut.blogspot.com

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