Car Seat Emergency Contact Printables

A few months ago I saw this pin on Pinterest.

I was blown away by what a good idea it was to just put a simple sticker on your child’s car seat in case of an emergency. I can’t believe that I never thought about what would happen to baby E if we got in a car accident and I was unresponsive. She would have no way of telling the paramedics anything about herself, and it makes me cry just thinking about it.

That’s why I thought that pin was just so dang impressive.

I knew that I had to make Eloise one, and I also knew that I had to make it cute (and bright) so that it would catch the medics attention is something were to ever happen to us.

So, off to Photoshop I went.

I ended up making something pretty simple, but something that I also felt would make an impact.

And, guess what?
I decided to make it a printable that you are more than welcome to use. I’m all about car safety, you know.

Just print them off onto an 8.5×11 sheet of label paper, cut them out, add your info, and stick ’em on your car seat.
I made each download have two labels per sheet, one for each side of the car seat. That way, the paramedics are sure to see at least one of them.

They are available for download in yellow (here), pink (here), and aqua (here), so take your pick!


  1. says

    There are some state’s that use the WHALE system (We Have A Little Emergency). They are free and it comes with a sticker for you to fill out and place on your car seat along with small removeable window stickers for your car that alert paramedics to that you have your car seats marked.

  2. says

    That’s an awesome idea, I never thought of this either. And we had just recently got into a car accident. Thankfully everyone was awake and responsive but me and my friend could have been unresponsive and our 5 kids wouldn’t be able to tell much of anything.

  3. Lisa says

    Thank you! I’m going to buy a pick pack of label paper and make them for all of my friends with kids as well. I know they’ll appreciate the great idea.

  4. ElleS. says

    I was about to print but realized that there’s a spelling error. Allergies has two L’s in it. If it’s easy to change it & repost the download’s it would be very helpful! Thanks!!

  5. Anonymous says

    Hi, I’m a paramedic and I LOVE THIS!!! Make sure and list allergies too, if applicable. Also, for parents, a list of medications, allergies, medical conditions and surgical history in your wallet at all times for you and

  6. Anonymous says

    and all of your kids (include birthdays) and keep up to date. This is great for doctor’s visits, the midnight boy broke his arm at a sleepover ER visit and such not just really bad emergencies.

  7. says

    Hello, yes this is a GREAT idea. But a few words of advice, I am a certified car seat technician so speaking from that side of things there a few things to keep in mind. 1- I noticed you hid all of the sensitive information for the picture, well by placing that stick on either side of the seat, anyone can look in your car window and easily write down all of the information giving away all info that you have recorded. So our advice is to place it on the underside of the car seat, eventually the paramedics will take the child out of the car, if they are not injured they will leave them in the seat for safety so they will see it, and more paramedics are learning about these wonderful stickers so they are starting to look for them. 2- Do not place them over any printed stickers on the seat. This is vital information, as it is placed on the seats for a reason you should not be hiding it. I am glad you are offering this, its a great idea! Just make sure you are thinking about where you are placing it. Just like you don’t want people on the internet knowing your information, you don’t want someone to look into your car and know everything about you. Please let me know what you think, and I am also happy to answer any other questions! Thanks so much!!

  8. says

    This is how I found your blog originally! I just made these last night and I am going to stick them on our carseat as soon as it is more than -2 degrees outside! What a great idea. I agree I can’t imagine being unresponsive and my little guy being so helpless. :(

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