Book Page Craft Roundup

Today  I’m guest posting over at Craft Snob and showing off an easy little Christmas ornament I made. You should go check it out and give her blog some love, yeah?



Around here, in the Oops! I Craft My Pants household, we love to read. We have so many books stashed in every little nook and cranny, hidden from everyone who visits. This is a shame, because reading is awesome, and not something that should be hidden. At least, I think, anyway.

I love the idea of doing crafts with books. I think they add such a nice little touch to decor and little gifts. And, who knew? There’s more book page crafts than just wreaths!

2. Flower Wrapping.
3. Flowers.
4. Garland.
5. Butterflies.
6. Rings.
7. Letter.
8. Art.
9. Tiny Book Garland.
10. Walpaper.

So! Spill it. Do you like book page crafts, or does it pain you to think of books being ruined?


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    I love using books for my crafting. I go to thrift stores and find old school books and song books. I also have found some really old first edition books (those I didn’t use of course). But I love tearing them us and using them on cards and scrapbooking. There is so much you can do with the pages. I love to make them vintage looking, a tear here a tear there, a little ink, maybe a crumple. Ahhhhhh heaven!!!!

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    I love book crafts!! I actually took an old bible I found at a yard sale and mod podge’d it onto a large letter B (initial of last name) and am going with a Bible/book/typography theme in my living room, along with books ALL over, and decorated book jackets. Since I teach English Literature, books are my life! And if they are literary worthy and vintage, they are even more precious to my collection! Thanks for sharing your ideas! Love your blog!

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