DIY Boot Socks

I’m so excited about fall. Something about wearing jackets and boots just makes me giddy. 

So, I decided to make some lacey boot socks. 

Aren’t they great? They were so easy, too.

All I needed was a pair of tall socks, some lace, thread (preferably in a matching color, but all I have was mint green (huh?) oops!), and a needle!

After I had all the supplies, I put the socks on to see where they would hit in my boots. Then, I just sewed the lace on by hand while still wearing the sock so I could make sure I got the lace on the right spot.


I poked myself a few times, but I’d say it was worth it!


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    SERIOUSLY!?! Genius. And I wish I were blessed with legs like yours instead of flippin’ tree trunks. And I seriously laughed out loud at your blog name!!! BAHAHAHAH! Oh my gosh, I love it! Your newest follower!


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    I love this!!! I just have to say, your blog title caught my eye when I saw you left a comment on someone’s blog and I laughed so hard! Brilliant name. I can’t wait to explore yours!

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    @Audra, I just washed mine today, so you’re in luck!

    They held up great. It may have been because the lace I used was pretty thick, though. I think that it helped that I form fitted the lace pretty close to the size of my leg. That way, the lace stays up! The boot also does a great job of adding extra support.

    Hope that helps!

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    Ok Miss Erika, I just joined your blog as a follower (because your mother said to on FB)….although, I must admit…I don’t do crafts! If I did what would people give me for Christmas???? This site is so cute. You are a crafting guru! Proud to be your aunt!

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