Green Wreath

Now that I’m a home owner, I feel like I have to do home owner things. You know, like hang a wreath.


Not just any wreath, though. A homemade one. So, I whipped this bad boy up with a dollar store wreath, hot glue, and some tiny styrofoam balls from Tai Pan. (they kind of made me never want to eat Kix cereal ever again…Seriously, they feel identical)


I hung it by simply stapling the ribbon to the to the top of the door with a normal ol‘ stapler. So easy. Thank you guys so much for answering my burning question. You guys are the best.

Completely off topic, but do you need an easy easy dinner idea? Try these French Dip Sandwiches. I think I about died when I did.


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    A stapler! I had no idea!!! Glad you asked, so those of us (meMEme) that didn’t know, now… KNOW! Love the wreath, it is just springy and St. Patricks-y and Easter-y all at once! 😉

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    Erika…you are soooo mean! jkjk! It’s just that us Arizonans can’t get to Tai Pan Trading! I wrote them begging to start a mail order business!! Your wreath is just tooo cute! Great work.

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    So cute. They remind me of the green runts (i hope someone knows what I’m talking about). Congrats on the house! I love simple dinners. Try the ranch burgers… one packet of ranch mix… one lb of ground beef/ground turkey… Then add some cheese and yummy yum yum!

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    I have seen this wreath in person. She did, indeed, glue every little sucker on there. It weighs about two ounces. So cute.

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    I may have to make a trip to the dollar store! I bought those same vase fillers in green and pink. I made a valentine heart wreath with the pink ones, and use the leftovers to make decorative balls. The first person who came to my door said it reminded them of sixlets candy. (That gives the rest of you an idea how small those little things really are!)

    I love how your green wreath turned out.

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    Hey girl! Congrats on being a home owner. yay! AND that wreath is freakin awesome! Thanks for joining the party! wish I lived close to tai pan. whenever i fly home, i always stop by for a couple hours lol. one of my fav stores ever.
    take care,

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    Your wreath is darling, and the green is so perfect right now. Love it!

    I would love for you to stop by tomorrow for my Bring In The Spring Blog party!

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    First, the wreath is awesome, I love it. Second, I’m visiting from JaG and OMG, I had to click on it because your blog name cracks me up. Off to explore the rest of your site now…

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    I saw this in the line up at Just A Girl and thought there is something fun, simple and colorful. Just my style. How long though did it take you to glue all of those little bead/ball thingys on there? The end result, though, was well worth it.
    Pam @ becolorful

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