Mod Podge Monday- SHOES!

This week, I only had a tiny bit of Mod Podge left. I could have cried. Instead, I decided to put that little bit to good use! So, I Mod Podged some shoes. Yes, shoes!
I have seen some awesome ones around online, and I knew I just had to try it.

So, I went out and bought these pink shoes and some cute fabric.


(Please ignore my awful brown carpet)

Then, I started piecing the fabric and Mod Podging away (and falling in love more and more with the shoe by the second)

Here’s how they turned out.



I have an unhealthy love for shoes…And, I think these shoes just took that love to a brand new level.
So…Mod Podge and shoes. Huh. Who knew you could Mod Podge such random stuff?
What’s the craziest think you’ve ever used Mod Podge on?

**I’m adding this post to Kimba’s blog party. It have moved to Tuesdays, instead of Thursday. Yay!
I’m also adding this to Mod Podge Mania.


  1. says

    They look darling!! I’ve never used modge podge (are you gasping!?) but have been getting more and more interested in trying it out. Does it seem durable enough to hold up for very long on the shoes?

  2. says

    That is soooo crazy! Who would have thought? They look amazing! you are so creative. I’m having a giveaway today. Stop by and enter if you get the chance.

  3. Anonymous says

    I mod podged my calculator, it was a beautiful TI 86 and I’m sad to say it no longer is in use. I still keep it around my house though because it’s just too cute! Maybe I will attempt shoes next!

  4. says

    So, where do I get step by step instructions on how to apply this to shoes? I have never done anything like this and would love to try it. Any suggestions?


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